Midtown Community Elementary School Finish Date Pushed Back

Taken from the School Construction Corporation website:

“The projected completion date has been pushed back from Fall 2007 to Fall 2008 due to the discovery of mold. Mold is present in the exterior walls of the main portion of the building due to uncontrolled water intrusion. The brick facade will be removed along with the exterior walls, which are built with gypsum sheathing. Reconstruction will follow.

The SCC will work under the guidance of the N.J. Department of Health and has hired independent consultants to investigate how the mold occurred and to recommend solutions. Due to the distance, there is no threat to students and staff located at nearby facilities during work to remedy the problem.

The SCC will continue to work with the Board of Education and Superintendent to keep the community informed. “

Continue to check back on the MURC website for updates on this situation.

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