About Us

murc board of trustees

The Midtown Urban Renaissance Corporation (MURC) is a 501(c) (3) NJ nonprofit, and is located at 1828 W. Lake Avenue – 3rd Floor, Neptune, NJ 07753. MURC is a board of local volunteers comprised of President, Dianna A. Harris, Vice President, Gail L. Oliver, Intergovernmental Liaison, Patricia A. Monroe, other elected officers, Board of Trustees, and community members. It functions as liaison between this community and the Township of Neptune.

Mission Statement
Communicate + Empowerment = One Midtown

The Midtown Urban Renaissance Corporation’s mission is to empower the residents of Midtown and to enhance their quality of life through neighborhood revitalization, affordable housing, safe streets, education, and employment opportunities. To achieve this goal, MURC will act as liaison and facilitator between the community and the Township of Neptune, government and nonprofit agencies, business, and community-based organizations.


Vision Statement

Our immediate vision is to become the premiere agency in which the residents of Midtown will turn to for assistance and solutions. Within 10 years, we will own office space in a newly constructed building on West Lake Avenue, which will serve as a permanent home in which to fulfill our mission. We see the community and MURC united in working toward a revitalized Midtown.

Brief History: The Empowering of a Community ……

Prior to 1970, “West Lake Avenue” had been the economic anchor on this main corridor in the heart of Midtown Neptune, surrounded by moderate-size houses, churches, community schools, and small parks. By the mid’60’s, urban cities across the United States erupted into civil violence. In 1970, this type of violence hit our neighboring city of Asbury Park and spilled into Neptune leaving our community town apart, destroyed, and ultimately deserted for decades.

In 1998, Neptune was inducted into the State’s Neighborhood Empowerment Program under the Urban Coordinating Council (UCC) and administered by the NJ Redevelopment Authority (NJRA). Concerned Midtown residents formed the Midtown Neighborhood Empowerment Council (MNEC).

Three decades (30 years) passed before any serious attention or dialogue ever started about rebuilding this devastated area. Since 1998 officially (and 2 years prior unofficially) the partnering of MURC, the Township of Neptune, and in 2004, CityWorks, have all been working together as a team. Days to weeks to years of grueling planning, meetings, infrastructure discoveries, and administrative filings/paperwork has taken place on behalf of and behind the scenes regarding this project. Periodically, additional presentations and public meetings have taken place in Neptune to update the public.

Services Offered

  • Host – Homebuyer Workshops
  • Host – Quarterly Public Meetings
  • Host/Facilitate Annual Candidates’ Public Forums
  • Coordinate Annual “Beautification Day” in Midtown


  • Partner with Developer, Township of Neptune, and residents on the redevelopment of W. Lake Avenue
  • Was awarded the proceeds from Neptune’s Mayor’s Balls in 2005 and 2009
  • Help coordinate and participate in Neptune’s annual Black History Month programs(s)
  • Coordinate MURC’s annual Beautification Day in May
  • Assist with annual “National Night Out” hosted by Neptune Police Department
  • Host MURC’s annual fundraiser “Harvest Moon Ball”
  • Coordinate annual Christmas Three Lightning with CityWorks developer in Midtown